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Crop Top Crafting

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Today marked the first "Fall" day that the temperature didn't reach above 70 degrees here in Charleston, SC!  This (somewhat) brisk air had us feeling down right festive, so naturally we were blog trolling for seasonal cooking, gardening, and crafting tips. It wasn't long until we stumbled across a little Pinspiration, and decided to break away from the calls and emails for a little fun at our craft table...

Recognize those metal rims? Yep, you guessed it - straight off our candle crops.  Or as we like to call them - "crop tops." Super simple and easy as pie, this little pumpkin decor project had us giddy by the end of the day.  Pair with your favorite Produce Candle for a fresh look on your seasonal mantel.  We did!

What you'll need:

- 20+ metal crop tops (metal canning rims)

- Twine

- Scissors

- Bunch-o-sage (fresh and leafy)

- A bundle of twigs for pumpkin stem

- 1 burning Produce Candle (for extra ambiance and freshness!)

How it's done:

1. Gathering your crops tops, and light your candle. For inspiration of course!

2. Begin by stringing your # of desired rims onto the twine. Create a color pattern 

or string randomly - your own preference! Just remember to keep each top 

facing the same direction.

3. Bring the twine into a ring and tie, knotting within.  Be sure to fasten as tightly as

possible to avoid your pumpkin looking like a wreath! Wrong season, peeps.

4. Cut the remaining twine, and top it off with your stem and sage to 

complete the look.  Viola! Keep it fresh!

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